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  • Closed metal case for DVR’s
  • Specific for CCTV
  • For rack-mountable recorders up to 4U
  • Cam lock
  • Fan included
  • Quality and resistance
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Metal protective case for video recorders.

One of the weaknesses of the CCTV installations is the risk of physical access to the video recorder which can be manipulated or stolen by intruders or unauthorized personnel.

The LOCKBOX-4U metal case is specially designed to protect rack mountable video recorders up to 4U. This lockable case incorporates ventilation slots which are distributed throughout its surfaces, a 12cm extraction fan, rear cable openings and several fixing hole options. With 2 openings in the rear & 2 in the base, each of 3cm in diameter.

The door is locked using a secure Cam Lock. Includes two keys

Compatible with the LOCKBOX-BR bracket(not included).

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