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HDMI active extender 1080p – Transmitter and receiver – Range 120 m over UTP cable Cat 6 – IR transmission – Allows point-to-point connection up to 253 receivers – Standard HDbitT v1.3f

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  • Pair of HDMI signal extenders (TX and RX) via network cable
  • Maximum length 120 metres
  • Supports resolution 1080p
  • HDbitT standard v1.3f
  • Allows point-to-point, router or multipoint connection (up to 253 receivers)
  • Includes IR transmission (for remote control)
  • Compatible with HDMI-EXT-PRO-RX-V2 receivers
Version 4
Maximum distance 120 m
Extension cable UTP Cat 6 (RJ45)
Signal Type HDMI (including audio and IR signal)
Resolution 480p/576p/720p/1080p
Standard HDbitT v1.3f
Power 2 x DC 5 V / 2A
Dimensions 2 x 23.2 (H) x 130 (W) x 84 (D) mm
Weight 2 x 200 g

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