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Connector – Fast compression BNC – Compatible with RG59 and CON115CRIM – 38 mm (D) – 10 mm (W) – 11 g

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BNC male compression connector. It is required for installations where RG59 coaxial cable is used and BNC connectors are needed. Compatible with the tool CON115-CRIM and with any cable RG59, allowing faster and stronger joining than with traditional crimping tools.

For correct cable crimp with the tool CON115-CRIM,, first cut and remove 15 mm of the wire mesh and protection to expose the white dielectric insulation, at the same time cut and remove the mentioned dielectric enough to expose 5 mm of the central wire.


Connection type BNC male fast
Dimensions / Weight 38 (D) x 10 (W) mm / 11 g

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