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Crimping tool – Compression connectors – Valid for connectors "F", BNC or RCA – Cable RG59, RG6 – Easy to use, fast – Compatible with CON115

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Special compression crimping tool.

It is a tool for compression crimping, with interchangeable adjustment that enables usage with connectors of type "F", BNC and RCA. Simply changing the type of setting, you can crimp the different connectors. It is also suitable for working with different types of coaxial cable, which can be RG-59 or RG-6. Crimping by compression is faster and easier, so it shortens considerably installation times.

Compatible with our connectors CON115 and cables RG59-100 and RG59-300.


Type of compatible connectors "F", BNC, Compression RCA
Compatible cable type RG-59 (4C), RG-6 (5C)
Cable cutting blade No

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